Enter the longitude and latitude in digital format; e.g.: 26.482850
Use Google Earth to find lat-long of a location, or use one of the following links to do so: Convert lat-long to digital here or here).
You can also search for the location in Google Maps: enter the search point or address and then right click on the location icon and choose "What's here? The lat-long will be displayed and can be copy-pasted into the fields below.

Enter a US zipcode or address, or a place or address worldwide
(e.g: Guam; Archangel, Russia; Antibes, France; you get the idea...):


Enter the Latitude:
(Remember that latitude south of the equator is given with a minus sign " - ")

Enter the Longitude:
(Remember that longitude west of Greenwich is given with a minus sign " - ")

Choose the zoom level:
(If your lat-long details are precise you can use a higher zoom, around 10;
otherwise use 3 or 4.)

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Choose Distance Units:

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